06 February 2011

This is just for fun

Volkswagen - the dark side of the force???  :) :)
(great commercial)

Ah, fakery at it's best.

WND is claiming that the 4th Horseman out of the Book of Revelations has appeared on video of the rioting in Egypt. The video is from EURONEWS. You can watch it there, or here:

The "Horseman" appears at the end of the video.  For fun, here it is in german as well.

WND has provided it with a bradley feedback loop so you can look at it over and over and over again (starting around 1:17 into the video):

One good look at the video shows that the person who videoed did this from behind a glass window. Of course, interestingly enough, the so-called "horseman" is in green, a color associated with Islam. Coincidence?

We focus so much on the 'horseman' that we fail to notice the other camera anomalies. There are little specks of light all over the place; each one follows the motion of the camera similarly to how a lens flare would. In other words, when the "Horseman" moves, the light-specks move with him. Is more than likely just a dirty lens refracting the light from the fire and filmed through a window. Refraction can cause the color green to appear.

Of course, even if this were Horseman Numero fouro, this makes no sense. The horseman are supposed to come AFTER the so-called "Rapture". So, if the 4th horseman just arrived, what are all these christians still doing here? :) :)

Homo Evolutus?

This TED video is worth 20 minutes of your life:


The census bureau has started to release data from the 2010 Census. Here is a adobe flash widget that presents the information graphically. I have programmed it to start with Virginia, but you can go to any state that has been published.