05 September 2010

And now, your weekly moment in hate...

These hateful words being directed at Israel and at jews as a whole were spoken in our own nation's capitol.

from Investigative Project

Dozens of people gathered in Washington's DuPont Circle Friday morning for the "Annual Al-Quds Day Rally for Justice in Palestine and the Oppressed Everywhere."

The Quds Day rally in Washington has become a gathering of the fringe of the fringe of rabidly anti-Israel demonstrators. Speakers included Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and two people who have espoused radical conspiracy theories at the Islamic Society of North America's (ISNA) annual conferences.

As Palestinian and Israeli leaders meet in peace negotiations just a few miles away, the speakers called for a rejectionist line on Israel.

"The time has come that we must stir up our 'religious leaders' in this country to speak the truth about Israel," said Kaukab Siddiqi. "They must put their hands on the Quran and say that they do not recognize Israel as a legitimate entity. If they cannot do that, they must be branded as kaffirs [infidels]. It's as simple as that. Because the Quran says – drive them out from where they drove you out."

WATCH: Notice also the one poster being held, with four maps of Israel and the PA....

I don't ever want to hear again about those "peace loving palestinians". The term is an absolute oxymoron.

04 September 2010

03 September 2010

Jan Brewer's proudest moment...

Well, not really. Actually, incredibly telling and incredibly embarrassing for the GOP. The current GOP Governor of AZ, who will go down in infamy because of SB-1070, totally froze up during her introductory words at the televised debate against Terry Goddard She had a 10 second blackout and laughed in the middle of it out of embarrassment. And by the way, Janet, it would be "the abyss" and not "its abyss". It looked like she was stealing looks at notes on what to say just in case she were to freak out, which she did. This is a classic. Watch:

Now, were a democratic candidate to behave like this, the republicans would be riding the media like a horse, questioning her her competence, her health and her drug usage history. So, from the democratic side, I will be the first:

Now, I am not saying at all that Janet Brewer has a drug problem, but could it be that she took drugs before this debate? I mean, those glazed over eyes and those oh so uncomfortable pauses, that very bad grammar, that non-linear speech and that uncomfortable laughter sure do remind one of someone who just toked up. Now, of course I am not saying that Janet Brewer takes drugs. Heavens, no! But perhaps one should ask.

But just imagine having someone like this who dreams up headless bodies all over the AZ desert regularly blacking out at the Governor's mansion in AZ.

I am sure that John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Co. will be all over this one...

Afterward, when grilled by reporters about those famous headless body hallucinations, here is how the Governor of AZ reacted. Watch:

Wow. What a disgrace for the GOP.

01 September 2010


One week ago, the tallies in Alaska were stuck at the following:

Miller: 47,027 (50.92%)
Murkowski: 45,319 (49.08%)
Total: 92,346 (100.00%)

Margin: Miller +1,708 (+1.82%)

438 or 438 completed, absentees outstanding.

Today, exactly 12,000 votes later:

Miller: 52,988 (50.78%)
Murkowski: 51,358 (49.22%)
Total: 104,346 (100.00%)

Margin: Miller +1,630 (+1.56%)
Margin shift from Primary night: Miller -78 votes, (-0.26%). So, the entire thing only shifted one quarter of a percent in Murkowski's direction. Not enough to win.

This means that of any remaining ballots, Murkowski would have had to get way over 60% to win. Statistically impossible.

At 22:20 EST, Murkowski conceded. She becomes the 3rd Senator (Specter, Bennett) to lose a primary this year. And the list of Tea-Party candidates grows by one: Miller. This will do down as one of the most spectacular electoral upsets in alaskan political history.