17 August 2009

A great write up on this fake right-wing rage:

Rick Perlstein:

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Is a good write up, worth reading.

Facit: This kind of "rage" is not new and goes all the way back to the 50s. When we see in retrospect how utterly STUPID and non-propetic this stuff was, it makes it alot easier to combat this nonsense now.

Take a read.

04 August 2009

Orly Taitz and her fake birth certificates...

Politjab has identified the location of the latest FAKE Obama Kenyan birth certificate: Australia!!

The above is a birth certificate from Bromford, Australia from 1959.

Here is the fake Obama birth certificate.

Politjab describes in detail the similarities.

01 August 2009

Mayer talks to the birthers

Bill Maher pretty much sums it up.

You notice that the GOP rank and file is suddenly pulling away from the birthers.


Because they know that the whole thing is utter horsehit. But, like Dr. Frankenstein, they grew this monster in a test tube, they have to deal with it. 

I will also be doing a large posting on the birthers. They look alot like those Perot drop-outs from 1992.

You know, living in such a free and unfettered republic based on democratic principles means that everyone has the right to speak his or her mind.  I have just as much a right to stand on a rooftop and proclaim that the Zorkianers are going to land in 2 weeks and begin to eat our brains, if that's what I really want to say. But it doesn't mean that it is real.

But it also means that the rest of the county has the right to laugh its ass off at idiots who start this crap up in the first place. And that is exactly what is it: crap. And perhaps racist at that.

Website warning

For 3 years I have been visiting and sometimes contributing comments to the HEDGEHOG REPORT, which is a republican website that was once known for excellent polling data and analysis. I came as a centrist to the website to see what the right thinks.

The website-master, Dave Wissing, is excellent at putting out polling data. For a long time, only he front-paged the site.

However, since he began to let others front page at his once fine website, it has quickly degenerated into a massive racist anti-Obama hate fest.

For instance, did you know that it was expected that President Obama should serve up Colt 45 malt liquor at his now famous beer summit, since the stuff is cheap and the malt industry targets blacks, college students and the homeless? And this is mild compared to the postings of many visitors.

Apparently, many conservatives think that they can be clever and can slide in blatantly racist claims under the cloak of civility.

Once again, it is a sad day for the republican party, for most all of these comments are coming from members of the republican party. I will be doing a large post soon on the most obvious racist explosions within the GOP over the last year and you will be amazed at the frequency of such happenings.

Dave Wissing reminded me of the following :

"I would tend to agree with you on the tactics of some Republicans are using to attack Obama, but I will not apologize for anything ******** or ******** posted. They expressed their opinion and anyone was free to disagree. "

Since Dave Wissing is using the 1st amendment to allow such material on his website, then I am also going to use the 1st amendment and warn all of my friends, aquaintances and contacts to steer clear of his website.

Avoid the HEDGEHOG REPORT. It is not what it used to be.